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Victoria Jackson- A Life in the Day.

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Victoria Jackson is a Senior Director at Laurence Simons.


Victoria has extensive international experience and supports many of her clients on a global basis, especially during periods of intense change, such as digital transformation or compliance monitorships.


In this instalment of ‘Life in the Day’, Victoria shares her average day, interests, and hobbies.


What is your daily morning routine?

My morning routine heavily depends on whether I am working from home or in the office that day. I like to keep my mornings quiet and calm and give myself time to prepare for the day. When working from home, I usually start my day off with a cup of coffee or tea and a quick skim of the news and recent messages from friends and family – I always want to know what’s going on around me before I start work! If I am in the office that day, I wake up a little earlier and prep for the journey into central London. I grab a coffee on the go and catch-up on recent news on the tube (that is, before I lose the signal!).

Once I start work, I usually listen to the radio to keep me going as I browse through my recent work emails and organise my to-do list for the day. I love putting down on paper everything I need to get through in the day to stay on top of things.

How did you come to be a Senior Director at Laurence Simons?


After 3.5 years with Law Absolute, I relocated to the United Arab Emirates and joined Laurence Simons’ Dubai office at the end of 2014. Soon after, I became our General Manager for Asia, the Middle East and Africa, which involved working across many challenging but exciting emerging markets, not to mention undertaking a lot of painful and less glamorous administration work to manage our office there! In 2018 we went through a management buyout, and I missed London. Thankfully, Clare Beresford, our CEO, allowed me to transfer to our London office, and I returned in 2018. Shortly after, I became an Associate Director and, subsequently, Senior Director. I am fortunate enough to retain my international workload, which is much easier to do from London!


What does your role encompass?


My role involves pitching (which I love!) and hopefully winning new work for our business. I also spend a lot of time nurturing and growing existing client relationships and have many clients I work with globally. I work closely with Weronika (who is currently on maternity leave) and Samantha, and we find the best legal, compliance, investigations, and privacy talent for our clients. I am also pulled into various client meetings to discuss anything from headcount to team structure, budgets, trends, and a whole host of random things that I seem to be involved in! When it comes to career development, I provide Lumina Spark coaching to clients and candidates; I also mentor and train more junior members of our team. Naturally, I spend a lot of time interviewing for my clients and for internal new hires.


What projects are you currently working on?


Currently, I am building the global privacy team for a large, listed pharmaceuticals business. I have just placed a US General Counsel for a growing Danish biotechnology business, and I am also leading an interesting Compliance Culture search which requires a lawyer that can help drive and embed ethical behaviours into a business culture. I am also working on some specialist sanctions and trade compliance searches in the US and UK for manufacturing and aerospace businesses. Finally, I am supporting on a number of projects for my client which is currently going through a corporate monitorship, and this has taken up a lot of my time over the pandemic, but it has been a hugely rewarding and interesting experience!


Who do you work most closely with?


We have a dedicated team model, so I am fortunate to work with our Senior Director of Talent Acquisition & Development, Samantha Knowles and Associate, Weronika Dominas. Muhammad Karimabadi joined my team to work alongside Weronika. We are a close-knit and happy team.


What do you enjoy about your work?


Firstly, working with my team on a daily basis! I also love the breadth of my work and how international it is. Every day brings a new challenge, whether it’s discussing sanctions and customs compliance to data ethics or compliance challenges for US businesses in high-risk markets. I love meeting intelligent and interesting lawyers around the world and learning about their unique career journeys. I also love the thrill of winning new business, I enjoy seeing clients become repeat customers, and I am happiest when I become their trusted advisor.

How do you socialise with the team?

We have quarterly social events organised by our wonderful Social Committee. These events usually end up with karaoke and I may or may not have contributed with some freestyle rapping to some classics!

How do you spend time out of work, and what are your main hobbies and passions?


Currently, all of my time is spent supervising the renovation of my 1850s apartment in central London. It has been one of the scariest and biggest learning curves of my life and I will be delighted when it is finally finished and dust free! When I am not charming my builders, I am escaping to my native Ireland to sail with my dad, indulging my love of fast cars, flying to Menorca to consume too many patatas bravas or sampling some of London’s finest old fashioneds.


Can you tell us a little more about the city you live in?


I am based in London. I have lived in a few different places, but London has my heart because it is super international, vibrant, accepting, and large enough to always be interesting. I love the green spaces, in particular, Green Park, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, where I am most weekends.


What are your favourite places in the city?


Everyone has their favourite side of London; it is impossible to remain neutral on this! I am a diehard West fan. I have numerous recommendations. For culture – Leighton House in Holland Park, The Natural History Museum, the V&A Museum and Ham House. Food – Nipa Thai at The Lancaster, Ceru for the most divine Arabic cuisine, Kazan for beautiful Turkish food, Amaya or Hankies for Indian and Sufi in Shepherd’s Bush for Persian. Gold on Portobello Road or Sunday in Brooklyn are perfect spots for Sunday brunch, but if you are looking for a beautiful Sunday Roast, I recommend The Champion at Notting Hill Gate. Ain’t Nothing But The Blues Bar is a wonderful night out, but you can’t beat ending the night at Karaoke Box on Maddox Street. Finally, to clear the cobwebs, I recommend Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park with a coffee at the Italian Fountains. Alternatively, Richmond on a Sunday afternoon, Hammersmith by the River, or taking the Thames Clipper for a stroll through Greenwich. My list would not be complete without referencing some establishments where you can procure a fine old fashioned! Bar Americain, Scarfe’s Bar, The Cadogan Arms and Homeboy, Islington.


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