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Thrive in your new workplace and learn about yourself in the process.


Our business is people

People like you. We will help you thrive by finding the right role for you. Using a sector-leading blend of empathy, insight and psychometrics to gather the full picture, we aim to create lasting success for all.

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People-first approach

We are a people-first organisation, aiming to create the perfect strategic partnership using a bespoke, personal approach.

Experienced team

Our international team are legal sector experts with a global reach and a local heartbeat.

The perfect role

We know that every person is different. Using our proven methodologies that have been refined over more than 30 years, we ensure that every successful candidate is given the chance to thrive.

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With you in the long term

Our people-first approach means that we are with you every step of the search. Using our Lumina learning and our seven stage search approach, the team at Laurence Simons are committed to helping talent thrive. We create a strategic partnership with our candidates and clients, crafting a close understanding of their needs to ensure the chemistry is right.

Meet our experts

Meet our global team of legal sector experts who will help you and your career thrive. With decades of experience and a local heartbeat, they work closely with you using a people-first approach.

Meet the team

Global with a local heartbeat

Our global team are experts in the legal sector worldwide, putting your needs first.

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