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Lumina learning psychometrics.

Breaking down the barriers between candidate and client to help talent thrive.


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Our team are Lumina Learning practitioners helping candidates uncover their strengths and underlying potential while also helping clients better understand their new talent and set them up for success in their new role.

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Why Lumina Learning?

Lumina Learning can help your talent and business thrive. 

Using Lumina Learning can support both candidates and clients through analysing strengths, weaknesses and assess the effectiveness of your current team. By ensuring that your people come first, you can overcome organisational challenges.

With easy-to-grasp language and impactful visuals, you can highlight the qualities and behaviours within your team, instantly, resulting in motivated people, working in high-performing, adaptable teams, generating better results.  

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Benefits of Lumina psychometrics

Revealing your intuitive way of being, preferences and natural inclinations.

Your everyday behaviour and uncover why you act certain ways in different contexts.

Learn what natural strengths you may overplay.

General Counsel Under the Magnifying Glass.


In partnership with Lumina Learning, a detailed psychometric tool used by Laurence Simons to pinpoint the strengths and underlying potential of candidates, we asked over 140 General Counsel to identify the competencies they felt were most important to their role.


Access unprecedented insight into the most in-demand attributes of a successful GC, the hidden talents a GC possesses, and how these talents help your company thrive.

General Counsel Under the Magnifying Glass

Lumina Learning practitioners

Meet our Lumina Learning practitioners who will help you validate your talent, helping you transform your organisation.

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