London Legal Giving Week 2022 - Laurence Simons

London Legal Giving Week 2022.

The focus for this year's London Legal Giving Week is 'Heat or Eat for Justice', asking people to donate the cost of a day's food or heating bill.

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The cost of living crisis is widening the poverty and justice gap further, at a time when legal advice charities are “fighting to keep the doors open every day”.


The London Legal Support Trust are a charity which provide invaluable free legal advice to those that might otherwise not be able to afford it.


Their yearly ‘Legal Walk’ has become an important part of the legal calendar and is something in which we at Laurence Simons have participated.


From the 21st – 25th November, LLST are running their Heat or Eat for Justice campaign, where they’re asking you to consider donating a day’s food or heating cost, so that those who need it, can access important legal advice.


These donations will ensure LLST will be able to keep up with the influx of demand they are facing and continue to face, as the current economic difficulties disrupt people’s lives.


Please consider donating what you can. Find out more using the link below.