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Anu Malhotra – A Life in the Day.

Anu Malhotra

Anu is Head of Business Support and Delivery

She is a highly experienced legal search researcher.


In this instalment of Laurence Simons ‘Life in the Day’ Series, Anu shares what her average day looks like as well as her interests and hobbies.


What is your daily morning routine? 

I am an early riser, I am usually up at 5:30 or 5:45am. After getting up, I like to spend a few minutes in the morning playing with my cat, Pebbles. After this, I exercise and do a few yoga stretches. As my day can get really busy, I like to use morning time to prep for lunch and dinner like chopping veggies, boiling lentils, etc. I spend time cleaning the house, prepare breakfast for my husband and daughter, and after a shower, and prayer, I start work around 8 to 8:30 am.

What is your Laurence Simons office like?


I work from home. I have a setup with a desk and chair with two screens that keep me from working on the couch.

Lunch with Victoria

How did you come to work at Laurence Simons?

I was recruited by Victoria in 2016 in Dubai as a Senior Researcher covering Asia, Middle East, and Africa regions. Prior to joining LS, I was working with Egon Zehnder at their Dubai offices. My role at LS has developed over the years and I have done various roles during this time including HR Support, Business Support, and Tech Champion. Currently, I am a part of Talent Acquisition and Delivery team and I also lead our Business Support team.

What does your role encompass?


As the Head of Business Support and Delivery, my role at LS is to support and lead on the Talent Acquisition and Delivery part of the search. Each day, I help manage the candidate cycle from beginning to end by researching, sourcing, gathering market intel, and creating relationships. I am responsible for identifying and developing effective screening and assessment tools for ensuring delivery is consistent and of a high standard. In addition to Talent Acquisition, I also lead and inspire our Business Support team and mentor our junior Talent Acquisition and Delivery associates.



What projects are you currently working on?


A very exciting part of my role is the variety of work I get involved on. At any given time, I could be working on a senior legal role in Switzerland along with a Senior Privacy position based out of Singapore, a legal & compliance role based in Italy and in Japan. Apart from search-related tasks, I am also involved in some internal projects where I get to work with teams across different offices.



Who do you work most closely with?


I work really closely with the Chief Commercial Officer, Angela Floydd along with the Talent Acquisition & Delivery Associate, Henry Thompson. I work closely with some other members of teams too where I am part of different project teams.



What do you enjoy about your work?


I truly enjoy the variety of work but I mostly enjoy working with candidates and speaking to them about what their career aspirations are and how I can help to achieve them. I find it truly rewarding when I am able to connect a candidate to a role they never thought existed, and how that connection then changes their career trajectory.

London visit 2019

How do you socialize with the team?

As I work remotely, I don’t get many opportunities to socialize. I do take advantage of technology by ensuring the camera is on during our internal chats so we can have a face-to-face kind of discussion. When members of the team travel to Dubai, we meet up or when I travel to London, I enjoy spending time in the office with everyone.

Enjoying outdoor dinner

How do you spend time outside of work, and what are your main hobbies and passions?

Outside of work, I love spending time with my family- my husband and my daughter. We live in Dubai where summers can be really hot but we also have great weather for 7 months of the year. During the summer months, we like to take advantage of low hotel rates and enjoy staycations elsewhere in the Emirates like Ras Al Khaimah or Abu Dhabi. As a family, we make the most of the good weather by frequently visiting outdoor spots and lovely places to eat. Personally, I enjoy reading books, listening to music, and watching Netflix.

What are you currently looking forward to?


I am really looking for the end of summer so we can start enjoying all the lovely outdoor places Dubai has to offer. I am also looking forward to travelling to India and spending time with my dad.


Can you tell us a little more about the city you live in?


I live in Dubai, UAE. Dubai is a vibrant city that is home to over 200 nationalities. Dubai has an unparallel scope for possibility and innovation. I grew up in Dubai and it has always been a home to me. As one of the safest cities, Dubai is a great place to raise families. With a high number of expats and a vibrant array of cultures and religions, Dubai is a truly global city.

The Pointe

What are your favourite places in the city?

I love Bluewaters Island and the Pointe. Located across the water from Dubai Marina, Bluewaters Island offers a variety of recreational activities including the record-breaking Ain Dubai, observation wheel, and more than 200 retail and dining concepts that are just a walk along its coast.

Do you have any recommendations?


Dubai has something to offer to everyone. If visiting, it’s highly recommended to do so during the October-April months. Food is great here, no matter where you decide to eat. Dubai offers all cuisines but definitely try Dubai’s own Shawarma along with other Arabic dishes.