Weronika Dominas - Laurence Simons

Weronika Dominas.

Associate, Talent Acquisition & Delivery

Weronika Dominas

Weronika is an integral member of our Talent Acquisition & Delivery Team, joining Laurence Simons in 2021. Having recently transitioned into the Talent Acquisition & Delivery team, she has a keen interest in law and has become an invaluable member of our searches. She supports a variety of Consultants across the U.K., U.S. and Europe on often complex and fast-paced search mandates which require diligence and accuracy. Weronika also often leads on key research projects and due diligence exercises for new clients. 

Weronika has a keen interest in writing, literature and history. Originally from Poland, she is currently working on writing a book on her family history which will be a comprehensive family tree, the history and life of each family member and an archive of photos.


UCL, Bachelors Degree, Philosophy